Business Blogging? 8 Reasons To Invest In

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It’s hard to underestimate the importance of online presence for any business nowadays. All major brands and companies create their own blogs to build friendly interactions with their customers. Even a giant like Mercedes Benz has a blog So what is the main purpose of blogging? What advantages & benefits can be unlocked for your business with the aid of this magic tool called blogging? Let’s talk a little bit about blogging.


1. Generate more traffic.

In what way do people find your website? If they’ve never heard of you before, they don’t just visit your site. They need to find out about it from some place.

Social media shares are fine, but people need some interesting content to share, which is rarely just a product listing. You can use paid ads which is great but require a huge budget, and they disappear when you stop paying. Email marketing?  it’s fine, but it only works for people who have already subscribed to your email list.

Through blogging, you can get listed in Google’s search results, and that is how the interested people lend your site, it’s called organic traffic. Provide them with content they want to see, and they’ll find it when they go looking.


2. Builds authority and trust for your brand. 

Blogging is a large and visible way to exhibit your knowledge of your products, your niche, and your industry. When a user is curious about buying a product that you and your competitors offer, which would they choose? All else being equal, they will choose the brand they find more faithful.

It’s not easy to maintain a blog, which means having one is a sign of the effort you’re investing into your business. If you have no blog (or your blog is low-quality or uses stolen content), it’s a sign that your business might not be trustworthy. Customers want to shop with brands they can trust.


3. Get exposed through social media content.

Social media is a superb channel to reach a new audience and capture them, but what will you post? The vast majority of posts made by businesses on social media are links to blog content because blog content is much easier to share and promote than product pages, landing pages, or link-free posts. Every blog post is an opportunity to share it as a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and more, and often more than once.


4. Blog content can be repurposed.

When you invest in your blog you invest in the future of your brand. It’s investing in content, knowledge, and authority. Each well-written blog post can become an important source of traffic and be converted into various forms of content and media, all of which can reach different audiences in different places and at different times. One post can be converted into a script and read aloud as a podcast or audio post. That audio can be set to animation or action and turned into a YouTube video. The script can be pared down and turned into an infographic or even a slide deck. You’re not just creating a blog post; you’re creating a durable source of traffic.


5. Reach your potential customers. 

Blogs are not a simple way of advertising. They’re a way to interact with your customers, which is tremendously important for your growth. Due to this interaction, you can overcome all your competitors by revealing your customer’s needs.

On a direct level, a blog permits you to address questions and concerns your audience has. If your audience has a pain point, you can address how to solve it with your blog. If they have trouble with your product or industry, you can resolve it with a post. In case if they have questions, they can ask you in the comments of a post and get immediate answers from you.


6. Blogs are your individual portfolios. 

The role of the CEO is tremendous in any company. A blog isn’t just a resource for your business; it’s a resource for you as an individual. I highly recommend that any business running a blog creates an author account for their CEO. Blog posts become attributed to that individual, who can then leverage that portfolio of content, experience, and opinions to open up new doors, position themselves as an authority and build relationships with others.


7. Become an influencer in your niche. 

Well-maintained blogs can gain high popularity. With the growth of your authority, you can become appealing for other major blogs of your industry to get involved in a collaboration. Industry bloggers might come to ask for your quotes and opinions for a round-up post. Influencers might interview you for content. You can take advantage of your blog to reach out to reporters and journalists. Many doors open to you when you have a good, well-run blog attached to your business.


8. Blogging is always worthwhile. 

Blogging isn’t worthless, like any other hard work it will pay off someday. If you’re doing the minimum periodically, maybe standards will push forward, and you’ll be left behind, but that’s rarely the case. Blogging tends to compound over time. The more content you have, the more authority and influence you build, and the faster it is able to keep compounding. A blog might not have much return on investment in the first year, but by the third, it might be responsible for more than half of your sales.

It’s hard to imagine a modern business without a blog, it’s never an easy job to build and grow an authority blog but be assured it will pay off undoubtedly.


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